Events 2019-2020

The following is a listing of most of the events for the school year.  Dates for next season are not available yet. Brief descriptions follow each event. All events listed are dress-up events. You may choose to participate in as many as you wish.

  • Nursing Home Halloween Program at Augustana Health Care Center. This warm inviting way to share music is beneficial to students and residents alike. Memory is optional. One piece per student. 

  • MMTA Theory Exams. Given at metro area community colleges. Fees range by level of exam. Deadlines are 5-6 weeks before. Theory is taught during lessons.

  • Wolf Piano Studio Winter Recital.  This is a working recital to check memory and performance etiquette. No fee. Not sure of location.

  • MMTA State Contest. To encourage meticulous work and high performance standards. Contestants must choose selections from the current contest list. There are eight age divisions in which piano students may compete, ranging from the Pre-Primary division (6 years and younger) through Senior B (19-20). Over 5000 students from across the state of Minnesota enter the Contest annually. Pianists with the highest grades in the Final Contest are selected for ensemble performance in the State Honors Concert. This concert has grown into a gala event involving 700 young performers playing on 20 grand pianos in ensemble groups. Soloists selected from the Young Artists are also featured. This is a competitive annual event. Students perform one piece, memorized, for a judge. 


  • MMTA Young Artist Contest. Another option to the above competition for middle and high school students. March.  University of Northwestern..

  • MMTA Student Composition Contest. To encourage students to learn the art of music composition and creatively apply the principles learned in lessons. 1 entry per student will be critiqued by a recognized composer. 

  • Hal Leonard Corporation has an online piano composition competition for students created in honor of Carol Klose (1945-2013), a popular piano teacher and prolific Hal Leonard composer. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the creative musical spirit that Carol established by giving piano students a platform to compose, perform and share their original piano compositions. Entries are submitted by the student at Free.

  • Composition through the National Federation Festival. Win trophies and get feedback on student compositions. 


  • MMTA MusicLink Playathon at the Macy’s Court, Mall of America. The MusicLink Foundation believes that anyone who shows musical potential should be given the opportunity to nurture explore it. MMTA and Schmitt Music sponsor an annual Playathon at MOA to raise funds to benefit the MusicLink Foundation. Fee – collecting pledges per piece played. .

  • National Federation Festival. This is an annual event that takes place locally. Students perform 2 pieces for memory, one from an American composer, one from a non-American composer. Rooms are open to audiences, including grandparents and friends. This is a non-competitive event. A judge will give a critique and a score of up to 5 points. When a student has earned 15 points, they are awarded a trophy from the national office. This is a fun, low-pressure event, with a casual setting. In the Apple Valley Music Teachers Association alone, over 500 students performed last year on piano, strings, woodwinds, and in orchestras. 

  • National Federation Concerto Festival.

  • Wolf Piano Studio Recital and Award Ceremony, May. This is our formal end of the year event. Location and time to be determined.

  • MMTA Piano Exams. To develop proficiency and musicianship through eleven levels of curriculum encompassing keyboard skills, technical studies, sightplaying and repertoire. Throughout the metro area. 

  • National Guild Auditions: Yearly auditions are held in over 863 US cities and 17 foreign countries. Students are adjudicated by an international panel of judges and receive report cards, certificates, and fraternity pins. Programs are diversified to meet the needs of both students and teachers. Programs are flexible and include repertoire as well as technical goals (musicianship phases). A variety of programs are available in which students can enroll. Wolf Piano Studio uses this audition as an annual opportunity to perform pieces you have learned well over the year. The auditions are one-on-one judge/student, take place in the spring, sometime around the first week of May. This is an annual report card for student and teacher.

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