Spring, 2021,


Hi Everyone!  It will be your choice for in person or remote lessons this summer.  I am thrilled, did I mention I’ve missed you?  If you want to continue remotely, this is just fine with me. I’ll ease into lessons here at the studio.  I am planning for your safety - see back of this form.  Indicate on the form below which option works best for you.

In other pretty big news, my Steinway needed repair before Covid, and now needs it more.  I’ve been in the queue behind the Steinways at, for example, the Minnesota Orchestra, San Francisco Opera, etc, for a year as the parts factory was first closed, and now backlogged.  Long story, but the piano will be gone and I’ll take the month of August off while it gets new keys and hammers. I will be teaching Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays in June and July. Students who take summer lessons will get priority in scheduling this fall.   


Week 1: June 15-16-17                     Week 2: June 22-23-24                              Week 3: June 29-30-31

Week 4: July 6-7-8                            Week 5: July 13-14-15                               Week 6: July 20-21-22

Piano leaves the studio on July 26, to return in mint condition

Please email me for the registration form.  Here are some things to consider as you register:  

Circle one - We would like lessons       in person                online 

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday lesson day

The preferred time for us would be:


We plan to take ______(number) summer lessons out of 6.  They are the following weeks:______________________________________________


Today’s Date_________________       Student Name(s) _____________________



Safety Precautions Being Taken

  • Air Filter appropriate for room size (and allowing for air recirculation between lessons)

  • Sanitizing piano keys and bench between each family

  • Distancing of 6 or more feet

  • Masks

I cannot stress this enough.

  • This is my HOME.  I live and work here.  Please keep me safe.

  • If your child stayed home from school, vomited, had a fever, has a cough, or is sneezing a lot, keep them home.

  • If the student or anyone in their home has been exposed to or are infected by COVID-19, you must stay home.  We can have a remote lesson.  Please call.

Masks will be required for the forseeable future.

  • Masks must be worn properly over mouth and nose the entirety of the time in the studio.

  • Gaiters, scarves, ski masks and balaclavas are not substitutes for a mask.

A typical lesson will look something like this:

  1. Touchless Temperature check

  2. Students will wash hands thoroughly. “I washed them at home” does not count.

  3. Students will be directed to a sanitized instrument to use for that day.

  4. Students must remain at their instrument unless instructed to get up (or if they need to use the restroom).

Parents will be asked to wait in their cars during the lesson.

  • You may use our free WIFI so that you do not have to use your data plan.

  • A maximum of 3 students/one family will be allowed in the studio at a time.