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Policies 2024-2025

The essence of my policies is to answer frequently asked questions and to move on to the music we all love. If you have particular questions, please ask me. 

TUITION –Lessons run 9 months, Sept.-May. Payments are due monthly during this time. Summer lessons are available, ala carte. There is a $50 Fall non-refundable annual registration fee..  Middle school and older students are highly encouraged to take 45 or 60 minute lessons due to repertoire length.  

PAYMENT OF FEES – Payable for the month in advance of lessons. Make checks payable to Wolf Piano. I have Venmo, Zelle, check, cash, Stripe and barter options. Statements are sent at the end of the month to show activity on your account. A $30.00 overdue fee will be charged to accounts not paid in full by the 15th of each month. Bounced checks result in fees per my bank. 

HEALTH/ABSENCES - Please do not come to my home if you stayed home from school. Zoom is now an option for illness or snow days. I will be following national guidelines regarding masking and safety for all of us. We will be fair to each other and be professional. If I am going to miss your lesson, I will credit your account or find a make-up time. I do not give credit or make up lessons when you are absent as a general rule. This includes your vacation time. Of course, emergencies happen. Please do me the courtesy of a telephone call or email; I will worry if you’re not here. 

LESSON TERMINATION – We will come to an agreement that is amenable and caring. Most times, people have courteously given at least a one month paid notice. 

PRACTICE –This is the key to improvement. Practice on the days you eat. There’s no better way to say it. A set schedule that includes practice at the same time every day, perhaps after dinner, or before school is best. Some weeks there will be more to practice, other weeks will be less. When you come to lessons, you have entered “NO EXCUSE” land. Do not apologize for less than adequate practice. We will work together on the things that did get better. 


PARENTS are always welcome to sit in on lessons. You have a pivotal role in your  child’s improvement. Structure, encouragement and daily practice routines come from you. 

RECITALS – Sharing our music is a joy when we are ready and comfortable. Contests, theory, festivals, public recitals, auditions, and report card exams are offered. Private recitals, performances at nursing homes, malls, etc. are encouraged. 

MEDIA POLICY - Teacher reserves the right to use video recording or photographs of students for studio use. The studio follows online safety rules in this manner. 

* Nurture a positive atmosphere for learning. My practice and yours are essential
* Provide varied performance opportunities
* Set short and long-term goals for each student. I am dedicated to your piano development
* Maintain quality instruments at the studio
* Encourage top quality instruments at your home
* Further my teaching skills by belonging to professional organizations, attending workshops and educational programs, reading professional publications, and engaging in other activities leading to continued growth, new ideas and high teaching standards
* Judging, accompanying, lectures, performing, and composing are part of this world and I am glad to be asked to do many of these often
* - Member - Minnesota Music Teachers Association, Music Teachers National Association, National Federation Of Music Clubs, National Guild of PianoTeachers, Apple Valley Music Teachers

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